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A Game of Thrones
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A Noble Groom - Jody Hedlund I was given this book for an exchange of an honest review.

The pro's

Carl was rich in character. A good man, a heart that struggled with honesty about his past. He was embarrassed of what his family represented. They were rich and powerful and took advantage of the poor to get what they wanted. He also had a habit of denying his feelings for Annalisa but love out weighed his fear.

Annalisa ~was rich in character too. a good wife to her husband, even though he treated her awful. She looked at the bigger picture and only wanted what was right for her little girl. She too kept denying her feelings for Carl

Gretchen~ What is there not to love about this little girl. She is loving and trusting and has a child like faith that we all can learn from.

Peter ~Annalisa's father was a good father. He love his daughter and set up and arrangement he thought was right. All he wanted was a husband to take care of his daughter, and help around the farm, and take care of the property she wanted to pay off.

The Cons:

There was to much "thoughts" going on with the characters. At first I enjoyed the "thoughts" but then quickly grew tired of them. They were basically the same thoughts over and over again in a different kind of way. Both just kept denying there feelings... constantly. :/

I wish the story didn't end with finally admitting their love for each other. Maybe that should of happened 3/4 of the book? I was disappointed that there was no wedding to read about. I would love to see the joy of a wedding between these two. To admit "out loud" in front of everyone of their love for each other:)

Other than those, it was a great story!